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In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Walt Disney Concert Hall, FanFaire proudly partners yet again with KULTUR in a DVD GIVEAWAY of the documentary film “András Schiff Plays Chopin” Ten giveaway-dvd-andrasschiff(10) copies of the DVD will be given away to FanFaire viewers who fill in the form below. The giveaway ends on November 30, 2013.

World-renowned and critically acclaimed as a pianist, conductor, pedagogue, and lecturer, András Schiff is a frequent guest performing artist in America’s concert halls. He recently completed his two-year Bach Project at Walt Disney Concert Hall with three Celebrity Series performances that included Bach’s English Suites, Partitas and Goldberg Variations,as well as Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations.

The celebrated Hungarian artist who has a prolific discography is one of today’s most prominent advocates of the keyboard works of Johann Sebastian Bach. But as this DVD shows, he is also an ardent proponent of Frederic Chopin, whose works he plays with consummate passion. While he has always affirmed that Bach is at the core of his music-making, Schiff through decades of piano performance has become firmly convinced that Chopin is one of the world’s greatest composers, indeed for him, on the same “highest level of Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert”, which is NOT the prevalent opinion of Chopin among musical literati. Notwithstanding the fact that Chopin, alone among composers in the history of music, was happy to stay with the piano, writing music solely for the instrument. At the start of the bonus BBC Omnibus documentary that accompanies this DVD of his performance of Chopin’s 24 Preludes (recorded in Paris’ Ancien Conservatoire)–in which he also explores Chopin’s short but eventful life–Schiff authoritatively states that “After Chopin, you couldn’t write piano music the same way again. He revolutionized and changed the sound, the concept and the approach to the piano.” Schiff’s playing reflects his deep understanding of and compassion for Chopin–the man, the composer and pianist.

Watch a video clip of Andras Schiff playing a Chopin prelude:

András Schiff’s words about Chopin and his music are not ones to be taken lightly. Indeed, if you are one of many who are instantly turned off by the seeming sentimentality of Chopin’s music, it’s probably time to give the composer a second hearing (via this DVD) and perhaps not give short shrift to Schiff’s assertion that Chopin’s music is, contrary to popular opinion, devoid of sentimentality. And if you’re one of those just dipping your toes into the deep waters of classical music, this DVD just might be the perfect introduction: the music is GREAT, yet very ACCESSIBLE; the performing artist is a MASTER at the keyboard; and Chopin’s biography as narrated by Schiff is comprehensive, complete with illustrations, sparing no details, including Chopin’s famous love affair with the George Sand (pseudonym of the French novelist Armandine Aurore Lucille Dupin), and as authoritative as one can get from the more voluminous accounts of Chopin’s life.

Watch a video clip from the bonus documentary:

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Some notes about András Schiff:
Since 1997 has been an exclusive artist for ECM New Series; his ECM recordings include the complete Beethoven Sonatas on eight discs, Janácek, two solo discs of Schumann, and his second recordings of the Bach Partitas and Goldberg Variations. His recording of Beethoven’s ” target=”_blank”>”Diabelli” Variations was released in September 2013.

A recipient of numerous international prizes, he now performs mainly as conductor and soloist. From 2004 to 2007 he was Artist in Residence of the Kunstfest Weimar. In the 2007/08 season he was Pianist in Residence of the Berlin Philharmonic. He has been made an Honorary Professor by music schools in Budapest, Detmold, and Munich, and a Special Supernumerary Fellow of Balliol College (Oxford, UK).

In Spring 2011, Schiff attracted attention because of his opposition to the latest Hungarian media law, and in view of the ensuing attacks on him from some Hungarian Nationalists, has made the decision not to perform in or return to his home country.

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  1. Toni Hertz says:

    Mr. Schiff is to be admired for his action in standing up against efforts to control freedom of expression in Hungary.

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